Hunter’s Trix

Hunter’s Trix is an ongoing Grateful Dead matrix series, combining soundboard and audience recordings of live shows. The series is produced and mixed by Jubal Hunter Seamons and includes CD cover artwork for each volume/show. 

“[‘Matrix recording’] is a remarkable process that gives [the sound] a three-dimensionality that is uncanny. It really does. . . . It’s actually superimposed, the best of both worlds: the close mic sound of being right on stage, and the thing of being in the room and what the room does to the music - those things superimposed on each other in various relationships. It’s pretty much like being there.”  —Jerry Garcia, circa 1981

“When we recorded some of those [sections for Anthem of the Sun], we recorded them using an 8-track machine for the band and a 4-track machine for the room, so that we had four tracks of the room - various parts of the perspective of the room, you know, like, one corner of it over here, one corner of it here, one in the middle, done at lots of different places, some at the Carousel, some on tours that we were on. Then we'd do things, like, in mastering we had the 8-track and the 4-track playing simultaneously. We'd be mixing them together and cross-fading them, so as to get partly the sound of the band and partly the sound of the hall reverberating. It's extremely subtle, and the only thing it does is give you a sense of an enfolding space.”
 —Jerry Garcia, circa 1968